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iCubic Portable 40 Amp EV Charger SAE J1772 Type 1 LH213

  • Rapid Charge: Our portable 40 Amp EV charger drastically reduces wait times, delivering faster charging than traditional options for efficient and convenient use.
  • Portable Powerhouse: Compact and travel-friendly, our charger ensures on-the-go high-speed charging for electric vehicles, fitting seamlessly in car trunks or backpacks.
  • US Standard Compatibility: Tailored for the US market, our 40 Amp EV charger adheres to US standards, ensuring broad compatibility for widespread EV adoption.


Features of Portable 40 Amp EV Charger


High Power and Fast Charging

The iCubic Portable 40 Amp EV Charger offers a maximum output power of 9.6kw and a robust maximum output current of 40A, ensuring quick and efficient charging for electric vehicles.

Versatile Compatibility

Equipped with multiple power cord plug options, including CEE 32A, CEE 40A, NEMA 6-50, and NEMA 14-50 (customizable), this charger is compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles and charging infrastructures in the US market.


Durable and Secure Design

The charger boasts an impressive Ingress Protection rating of IP67, providing superior protection against dust and water, and an Impact Protection rating of IK10, ensuring durability and resistance to external impacts. This design ensures reliability and longevity in various environmental conditions.

Intelligent User Interface with Elegant Look

The iCubic Portable 40 Amp EV Charger features a vibrant color LCD display, providing a user-friendly interface to monitor charging parameters such as current, charging time, and temperature. Complementing its intelligent design, the charger boasts a sleek appearance, highlighted by a green LED strip and a user-friendly touch screen. This fusion of style and functionality delivers an enjoyable and eco-conscious EV charging experience.


Our Service & Support


Installation Guide

An installation guide showing you the procedures for installing your EV charger comes with the charger on delivery.


2-Year Warranty

Our commitment to customer satisfaction, we give a 2-year warranty for the EV charger after installation.


After-sales Support

Our after-sales support team will give you all the assistance you need if you ever run into any difficulty using the EV charger.

Explore iCubic Portable 40 Amp EV Charger Solutions

iCubic Portable 40 Amp EV Charger Solutions

From auto dealerships to charging networks, 40 Amp EV charger is the perfect solution for a range of industries.


Type 1 Portable EV chargers connect to the Type 1 inlet on the vehicle and a power source, providing electrical energy to charge the vehicle’s battery.

Type 1 Portable EV chargers connect to the Type 1 inlet on the vehicle and a power source, providing electrical energy to charge the vehicle’s battery.

Type 1 Portable EV chargers typically offer features like adjustable charging power, safety mechanisms, and compatibility with various Type 1-equipped EVs.

Type 1 Portable EV chargers are compatible with EVs that have a Type 1 charging socket, but not with those using Type 2 or other connectors.

Yes, these chargers are adaptable to different power sources, including standard household outlets and dedicated EV charging stations.

Charging time varies based on the charger’s power output and the vehicle’s battery capacity, but it typically ranges from a few hours to overnight.

Yes, Type 1 Portable EV chargers undergo rigorous safety testing and include features like overcurrent protection and thermal management to ensure safe operation.

Yes, these chargers are designed for versatility and can be used at home, work, or on the road, providing convenience for EV owners.

Electrical ParametersRated Power40A / 9.6kW
Electrical ParametersVoltage & Frequency240V AC / 50Hz
Electrical ParametersAdjustable Current10A/16A/32A/40A
Electrical ParametersFrequency (Input)50/60Hz
Electrical ParametersRated Current (Input)40A 1P+N+PE
Electrical ParametersPlug TypeNEMA 6-50 / NEMA 14-50
Electrical ParametersRequired Service Panel BreakerDedicated Dual Pole rated for 125% of maximum load (ex: 50A breaker for 40A output)
Cable and ConnectorCable MaterialTPE
Cable and ConnectorCable Specification3*9AWG+1*20AWG
Cable and ConnectorControl Box Size310*105*65mm
Cable and ConnectorCharging Cable Length0.31m for the control box, 0.66m for the power supply end and 4.5m for the vehicle end
Performance and SafetyGround Fault DetectionUngrounded Alert
Performance and SafetyPlug-Out DetectionPower terminated per IEC 62196-2 specifications
Performance and SafetyIngress ProtectionIP67
Performance and SafetyImpact ProtectionIK10
Performance and SafetyElectrical ProtectionOver-voltage & Under-voltage Protection, Overload Protection, Leakage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Grounding Protection, Lightning Protection, Over-temperature Protection
Performance and SafetyRCD typeType A+6mA DC
Performance and SafetyOperating Temperature-30℃~55℃
Performance and SafetyStorage Temperature-30℃~85℃
Performance and SafetyOperating Humidity5% to 95% non-condensing
Performance and SafetyAltitude≤ 2000 m
Performance and SafetyCertificationsCE / FCC
FunctionMounting MethodIC-CPD
FunctionCharging Status IndicatorYES
FunctionLCD DisplayYES
FunctionTouch Screen1.54 Inch
FunctionCurrent AdjustingYES
FunctionTime Delay SettingYES
PackageExternal PackageCarton Box
PackagePackage Dimension390*390*90mm (H*W*D)
PackageGross Weight5.5kg
Model Type Available1, Plug and Charge 2, Scheduled Charging

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