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iCubic EV Charging Station With RFID Card Billing LH304

  • Cost-Effective Billing and Management: Streamline parking costs with iCubic EV Charging Station With RFID Card Billing, a hassle-free, cost-effective solution sans complex networks or pricey OCPP models.
  • Reliable Billing Services: Control power usage per card with our RFID EV charging station, delivering OCPP-like billing reliability at an affordable price for various locations.
  • Real-time Safeguard: iCubic EV Charger ensures safety with Leakage Protection and safeguards against power fluctuations, offering real-time protection for your electric vehicle.


About iCubic EV Charging Station
With RFID Card Billing

iCubic EV Charging Station With RFID Card Billing black

Real-time Charging Status Display

In today’s fast-growing EV market, convenience and user-friendliness are critical. Our RFID EV Charger offers an interactive, real-time charging status display. This provides users with immediate feedback on charging progress, battery status, and more. No more guesswork, just clear and concise information at your fingertips.

Cost-Efficient Billing and Management

Utilizing innovative RFID card technology, this EV Charging Station is designed with efficiency and cost-effectiveness in mind. It enables a seamless transaction process, accurate billing, and efficient management of charging services. Saving time and resources has never been so straightforward.

EV Charging Station RFID Billing EU black color charging gun
EV Charging Station RFID Billing black color charging car

Customizable RFID Card

Empower your customers with the ability to personalize their RFID cards. Beyond simply being a tool to initiate charging, the customizable RFID card is a unique selling point that adds an extra layer of ownership and personalization to the charging experience. It’s not just a charger, it’s your charger.

Exceptional Compatibility

This RFID Card EV Charging Station is designed to be universally compatible with all EV models. This not only delivers maximum flexibility for the users but also ensures a future-proof investment. No matter what electric vehicle you drive, our EV charger is ready to serve.


Our Service & Support


Expert Consultation

Our EV industry experts are readily available for consultations, offering tailored guidance for your specific EV charging requirements.


Comprehensive Tech Support

We provide unswerving technical assistance for any queries, understanding the need for smooth and trouble-free charging experiences.


Continuous EV Charging Station Upgrades

Rest assured with regular system updates enhancing performance and compatibility, keeping pace with the fast-maturing EV market.

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Who needs iCubic EV Charging Station With With RFID Card Billing

From auto dealerships to charging networks, iCubic EV Charging Station with RFID card billing is the perfect solution for a range ofindustries. Here is some key industries:

  • Charging Networks: Businesses running EV charging stations can maximize operational efficiency and revenue with accurate and convenient billing.
  • Parking Lots: RFID billing EV chargers can offer customers a seamless, pay-per-use charging experience.
  • Retail: Businesses can attract a larger demographic of EV users by offering reliable, user-friendly EV charging services with precise billing.
  • Hospitality: Enhancing customer service by providing precise billed EV charging would increase satisfaction and loyalty.
  • ……

The billing features of RFID Card EV Charging Station:

Accurate Billing

The RFID Card Charging Station provides precise charging costs based on actual usage, ensuring customers are billed fairly and accurately. This transparency builds trust and boosts customer satisfaction.

Easy Payments

The use of RFID card technology allows for contactless, swift transactions. Customers can simply tap their RFID card on the reader to begin charging and the cost is billed to their account, providing a seamless payment experience.

Personalized Account Management

Customers can track their charging history, manage account balance, and even set up auto-top-up features through their linked accounts, offering full control over their expenses.

No Cash Handling

The RFID billing system eliminates the need for cash or credit card handling at charging stations, saving time and reducing risk.


Whether ad-hoc users or members, everyone can use the charging station. Regular users can enjoy the comfort of card billing, while one-off users also have the option to pay as guests.



important things you should know

Questions And Answers

Yes, the RFID Card Charging Station utilizes advanced encryption methods to ensure complete payment security.

The charging cost is calculated based on the total energy consumed during the charging session. This data is captured accurately and multiplied by the standard rate per kWh.

Typically, RFID cards are programmed for specific networks of charging stations. It is advised to confirm the compatibility with charging stations along your route.

Yes, you can access your charging history through your associated account, which includes details such as charging duration, energy consumption and total cost for each session.

You can easily top up your balance via the associated online account or mobile app. Many providers offer auto-top-up features as well, ensuring uninterrupted charging services.

The real-time charging status display provides real-time data about the charge levels, duration, and cost. This transparency reassures customers about the charging process and allows them to plan accordingly.

The RFID Card Charging Station accurately measures the electricity consumed during charging and multiplies it by the rate per kilowatt-hour. This ensures that customers are billed precisely for the energy they use.

Yes, the RFID cards can be fully customized to include the company’s branding and specific user information, helping enhance brand identity and customer loyalty.

Electrical ParametersRated Power7.2kW11kW22kW9.6kW12kW
Electrical ParametersVoltage & Frequency230V AC / 50Hz380V AC / 50Hz240V AC / 60Hz
Electrical ParametersRated Current Input32A16A 3P32A 3P40A50A
Electrical ParametersPlug TypePower terminated per IEC 62196-2 specificationsNEMA 6-50 / NEMA 14-50
Electrical ParametersEMC ComplianceIEC 61851-21-2FCC Part 15 Class B
Electrical ParametersRequired Service Panel BreakerDedicated Dual Pole rated for 125% of maximum load (ex: 20A breaker for 16A output)Dedicated Dual Pole rated for 125% of maximum load (ex: 50A breaker for 40A output)
Cable and ConnectorCable MaterialTPUTPUTPUTPETPE
Cable and ConnectorCable Specification3*6mm2+1*0.5mm25*2.5mm2+1*0.5mm25*6mm2+1*0.5mm23*9AWG+1*20AWG2*8AWG+1*10AWG+1*18AWG
Cable and ConnectorCharging Cable Length1m for the power supply end and 5.2m for the vehicle end1m for the power supply end and 7.2m for the vehicle end
Performance and SafetyGround Fault DetectionUngrounded Alert20 mA CCID / Ungrounded Alert
Performance and SafetyPlug-Out DetectionPower terminated per IEC 62196-2 specificationsPower terminated per SAE J1772 specifications
Performance and SafetyIngress ProtectionIP54 for the connector & IP55 for the wallboxIP54 for the connector & IP55 for the wallbox
Performance and SafetyImpact ProtectionIK10IK10
Performance and SafetyElectrical ProtectionOver-voltage & Under-voltage Protection, Overload Protection, Leakage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Grounding Protection, Lightning Protection, Over-temperature ProtectionOver-voltage & Under-voltage Protection, Overload Protection, Leakage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Grounding Protection, Lightning Protection, Over-temperature Protection
Performance and SafetyRCD typeType A+6mA DCCCID20
Performance and SafetyOperating Temperature-20℃~50℃ -20℃~50℃
Performance and SafetyStorage Temperature-30℃~85℃-30℃~85℃
Performance and SafetyOperating Humidity5% to 95% non-condensing5% to 95% non-condensing
Performance and SafetyAltitude≤ 2000 m≤ 2000 m
Performance and SafetyCertificationsCECE / FCC
FunctionMounting MethodWall-Mounted / Ground-Mounting poleWall-Mounted / Ground-Mounting pole
FunctionCharging Status IndicatorYESYESYESYESYES
FunctionRFID Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
PackageExternal PackageCarton BoxCarton Box
PackagePackage Dimension455 x 345 x 195mm455 x 345 x 195mm
PackageGross Weight5kg5.6kg5.8kg6.8kg7kg
Model Type Available1.BASIC 2.APP (WIFI+Bluetooth) 3.RFID (non-billing/billing) 4.APP+RFID1.BASIC 2.APP (WIFI+Bluetooth) 3.RFID (non-billing/billing) 4.APP+RFID

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