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iCubic Basic EV Charging Station LH301

  • Reliable and Efficient Charging: iCubic Basic EV Charging Station ensures safe and reliable electric vehicle charging, indoors or outdoors, with real-time leakage protection for superior safety.
  • Stylish Design: iCubic EV Charger combines aesthetics and eco-friendliness with a sleek design, featuring a green LED strip and user-friendly touch screen for a delightful charging experience.
  • Seamless Charging: Our Plug-and-Play solution offers effortless convenience. No complex setups—simply plug in to start charging your electric vehicle with ease.


About iCubic EV Charging Station

Basic EV charging station charging pole

meet top standards Type A+6

iCubic’s Basic EV Charging Station meets top North American and European leakage protection standards (Type A+6). With advanced safety features, they halt charging in 30ms if DC leakage exceeds 6mA, ensuring superior safety and guarding against electrical hazards. Our revamped charger, equipped with Type A+6mA RCD technology, not only enhances convenience but, crucially, prioritizes safety.

Plug-and-Play Convenience

Simply plug it in, and you’re ready to charge your electric vehicle without the need for complex setups or configurations. Enjoy the ease of use and start charging effortlessly

Basic EV charging station monitor
Basic EV charging station charging gun

Versatile Ground-mount Compatibility

For situations where wall installation may not be feasible, iCubic Basic EV Charging Station seamlessly pairs with a ground-mounting pole, expanding its installation versatility to accommodate various scenarios.

Comprehensive Security Suite

Equipped with an advanced security mechanism, iCubic Basic EV Charging Station provides comprehensive protection for both the charger and your electric vehicle. This includes safeguards such as overload protection, short-circuit protection, and over-voltage protection, ensuring a worry-free charging experience.

Basic EV charging station charging car

Our Service & Support


Installation Guide

An installation guide showing you the procedures for installing your EV charger comes with the charger on delivery.


2-Year Warranty

Our commitment to customer satisfaction, we give a 2-year warranty for the EV charger after installation.


After-sales Support

Our after-sales support team will give you all the assistance you need if you ever run into any difficulty using the EV charger.

Explore iCubic EV Charging Station Solutions​

iCubic Basic EV Charging Station

From auto dealerships to charging networks, iCubic EV Charging Station is the perfect solution for a range of industries.

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

A Type 1 EV charger is a standard connector used for charging electric vehicles, primarily in North America and some other regions, supporting both AC and DC charging.

Type 1 chargers utilize a specific connector design with pins for communication between the charging station and the vehicle, allowing for various charging speeds and features.

Type 1 chargers come in different power levels, ranging from slow AC charging (around 3.7 kW) to fast AC charging (up to 22 kW or more), and even DC fast charging (up to 50 kW or higher, depending on the implementation).

Type 1 chargers are commonly found in charging infrastructure across North America and other regions that adopt this standard, including homes, public stations, and businesses.

Type 1 chargers are compatible with many electric vehicle models, but it’s important to verify if your specific vehicle supports this connector type.

Type 1 chargers offer compatibility with various charging speeds, and they are commonly found in regions adhering to this standard, ensuring access for electric vehicle owners.

Yes, Type 1 charger cables come in various lengths to accommodate different parking and charging setups, providing flexibility and convenience for users.

No, there are other charging standards like CCS (Combined Charging System) and CHAdeMO for DC fast charging, which offer faster charging speeds compared to Type 1, but Type 1 remains prevalent in the region.

Electrical ParametersRated Power7.2kW11kW22kW9.6kW12kW
Electrical ParametersVoltage & Frequency230V AC / 50Hz380V AC / 50Hz240V AC / 60Hz
Electrical ParametersRated Current Input32A16A 3P32A 3P40A50A
Electrical ParametersPlug TypePower terminated per IEC 62196-2 specificationsNEMA 6-50 / NEMA 14-50
Electrical ParametersEMC ComplianceIEC 61851-21-2FCC Part 15 Class B
Electrical ParametersRequired Service Panel BreakerDedicated Dual Pole rated for 125% of maximum load (ex: 20A breaker for 16A output)Dedicated Dual Pole rated for 125% of maximum load (ex: 50A breaker for 40A output)
Cable and ConnectorCable MaterialTPUTPUTPUTPETPE
Cable and ConnectorCable Specification3*6mm2+1*0.5mm25*2.5mm2+1*0.5mm25*6mm2+1*0.5mm23*9AWG+1*20AWG2*8AWG+1*10AWG+1*18AWG
Cable and ConnectorCharging Cable Length1m for the power supply end and 5.2m for the vehicle end1m for the power supply end and 7.2m for the vehicle end
Performance and SafetyGround Fault DetectionUngrounded Alert20 mA CCID / Ungrounded Alert
Performance and SafetyPlug-Out DetectionPower terminated per IEC 62196-2 specificationsPower terminated per SAE J1772 specifications
Performance and SafetyIngress ProtectionIP54 for the connector & IP55 for the wallboxIP54 for the connector & IP55 for the wallbox
Performance and SafetyImpact ProtectionIK10IK10
Performance and SafetyElectrical ProtectionOver-voltage & Under-voltage Protection, Overload Protection, Leakage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Grounding Protection, Lightning Protection, Over-temperature ProtectionOver-voltage & Under-voltage Protection, Overload Protection, Leakage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Grounding Protection, Lightning Protection, Over-temperature Protection
Performance and SafetyRCD typeType A+6mA DCCCID20
Performance and SafetyOperating Temperature-20℃~50℃ -20℃~50℃
Performance and SafetyStorage Temperature-30℃~85℃-30℃~85℃
Performance and SafetyOperating Humidity5% to 95% non-condensing5% to 95% non-condensing
Performance and SafetyAltitude≤ 2000 m≤ 2000 m
Performance and SafetyCertificationsCECE / FCC
FunctionMounting MethodWall-Mounted / Ground-Mounting poleWall-Mounted / Ground-Mounting pole
FunctionCharging Status IndicatorYESYESYESYESYES
FunctionRFID Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
PackageExternal PackageCarton BoxCarton Box
PackagePackage Dimension455 x 345 x 195mm455 x 345 x 195mm
PackageGross Weight5kg5.6kg5.8kg6.8kg7kg
Model Type Available1.BASIC 2.APP (WIFI+Bluetooth) 3.RFID (non-billing/billing) 4.APP+RFID1.BASIC 2.APP (WIFI+Bluetooth) 3.RFID (non-billing/billing) 4.APP+RFID

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