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EV Charging For Automakers

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Why You
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As a proficient manufacturer specializing in EV charging solutions, iCubic Group possesses its own production facilities and an on-site laboratory. We excel in catering to your specific needs through our ODM and OEM capabilities.

Why EV chargers can help

Increase Your Electric Vehicle (EV) Sales


Navigating Change in the Automotive Industry

Amid the electric vehicle (EV) revolution, automakers confront distinct challenges and potential. Our custom-designed EV charging solutions address not only your business requirements but also establish an interactive, informative, and reassuring atmosphere for your patrons.

Showcasing Commitment to Sustainable Mobility

Seamlessly integrating advanced EV charging solutions showcases your dedication to sustainable transportation. This not only caters to business needs but also fosters trust and loyalty among potential customers, positioning your brand as a pioneer in the evolving landscape of EVs.

Elevate Your Brand Recognition

We can put your own brand name or logo on each EV charger.

Benefit of action

It's win-win

How We Benefit Both Your Business and Your Customers with EV charging services.


Empowering Customer Journeys

As electric vehicles surge, customers anticipate dealership EV charging options. On-site charging elevates experiences, establishing your dealership as an EV pioneer.


Revving Up Profits

Selected models let dealerships earn by providing public charging access after hours. Transforming into a 24/7 hub boosts revenue potential.


Driving Footfall

Equipping charging facilities lures a broader audience, especially EV owners. It entices potential customers, amplifying conversion opportunities.

Products We Recommend

iCubic EV Charging Station non Billing silver color wall

EV Charging Station

Explore Our Specific Products for EV Charging Station


Portable EV Charger

Explore Our Specific Products for Portable EV Charger

Explore other EV charging Solutions

our Customized solutions also Include:

From Busy Streets To Cozy Corners, We’ve Got The Exact EV Charging Solutions That Are Tailor-Made For You.

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