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6 Steps to Investing in EV Charging Stations


With the advancement in the market, the idea of investing in EV charging stations has caught the attention of numerous investors. The booming EV industry has ushered investors towards the establishment of charging stations, a domain quite new and mystifying to many. Despite being an enticing investment, many are unfamiliar with the operational qualifications and the construction process involved. The key question that arises is, what are the steps involved in constructing an EV charging station?

In response to this, it’s essential to delve deep into the details of the process, outlining “6 Steps to Investing in EV Charging Stations“. We’re committed to assisting everyone to become well-versed in the field of EV charging station construction. As such, we aim to decipher the process and intricacies associated with the construction of an EV charging station. Stay tuned as we share invaluable insights into navigating this exciting, prospective market.


In general, building a charging station requires a six-step process:


1. Preparation → 2. Filed with Documents → 3. Land audit →4. Planning Review → 5. Power Application → 6. Acceptance confirmation

1. Preparation

Prior to commencing construction, it is essential to conduct a thorough investigation of the selected site, including open spaces, parking lots, and other relevant areas.

This investigation should include the signing of a cooperation agreement with the site owner, which will outline the terms of the construction of charging stations.

Based on the specific characteristics of the site and the anticipated traffic flow, the construction scale and the number of charging piles must be determined.

Additionally, a budget for the project must be set.

Cooperation Agreement Signing Tips

1. The signing of the contract requires a copy of the business license and legal person ID card of both parties.
2. Site contracts drawn up for the site in accordance with local laws.
3. Party A shall provide the land certificate or lease certificate if leasing with a third party.
4. It is necessary to provide the site planning department, building land planning permit, and building construction permit.

Site Selection Tips

1. The site is suggested to be in a parking space or green parking space.

2. Parking Spaces should not be too tight and should be open to the public.

3. Convenient entrance and exit of parking space to avoid traffic jams.

4. Priority is given to areas near commercial districts, and railway stations.

2. Filed with Documents

After the preliminary preparation work is done, you can go to the provincial and municipal supervision platform for filing, and then submit information to the local development and Reform Commission. After the approval of various departments, the record certificate can be obtained.

Information required for filing

1. Company license.

2. Detailed address of the station, number of charging piles and cost planning.

3. Legal person's ID card.

4. Legal person's contact information.

3. Land audit

After getting the filing certificate, you can go to the Bureau of Land and Resources for land legality review and clarify the nature of the land and the ownership of property rights.

4. Planning Review

After clarifying the legality of the target land, the planning Bureau will conduct a land use audit to confirm that the government has no other plans for the site in the next few years.

5. Power Application

After everything is ready, investors can bring the information obtained from the above several processes to the power Board for application.

The power Bureau will approve the above materials, and after the approval is completed, the relevant documents can be issued, and then the construction can be carried out.

Process for power application:

01. According to the capacity of the enterprise distribution, calculate the capacity of the transformer.

02. The project leader shall fill in the application form and submit the relevant application materials at the power supply business Hall.

Documents required

Written application,
photocopy of project approval (new building),
original and photocopy of factory floor plan,
original and photocopy of red line plan,
applicant identification certificate (original and photocopy),
business license,
land use certificate, etc.

03. The power supply company will conduct a site survey in a week to determine the power supply plan. General high-voltage single power supply 15 working days, high-voltage dual power supply 30 working days, the power supply company to provide a written power supply scheme reply to the enterprise (or “power supply scheme agreement”).

04. The company shall entrust a design unit with design qualification to design and provide materials to the design unit.

The design drawings shall be submitted to the power supply company for examination and approval, and the Written Opinion on the Drawing Examination shall be issued before material procurement and engineering construction can be organized. Otherwise, the power supply company will not be able to accept and supply electricity.

05. Enterprises pay fees

06. The enterprise shall organize its own bidding to purchase the equipment conforming to the regulations of the State industry and industry, and entrust the unit with the corresponding construction qualification to carry out the construction. The construction qualification certification materials of the construction unit shall be submitted to the power supply company for examination before the construction, and the construction report shall be provided to the power supply company before the construction can be carried out. The power supply company will also carry out intermediate acceptance according to the project situation.

07. After the completion of the project, the enterprise shall submit the documents to report the completion acceptance.

08. If there are defects that need to be rectified, the enterprise shall organize rectification according to the on-site acceptance rectification opinions, and report the completion and re-acceptance after the rectification, and pay the reinspection fee.

09. After the acceptance of the project, the enterprise and the power supply company shall sign the power supply contract and the electricity fee settlement agreement.

10. After the acceptance of the power project and the relevant procedures, 5 working days after installation and power connection.

Charging pile purchase tips

1. According to the parking space of the station, and the power situation, choose the appropriate charging pile.
2. Choose charging piles from different manufacturers according to different modules.
3. In the case of operation, transformer surplus power is limited, try to choose split charging pile

Charging pile construction quotation tips

1. Arrange personnel to make a survey form;
2. Make detailed quotation according to the survey form. Including ground breaking, slot opening, hole opening, thread distance. The difficulty of construction to make a reasonable quotation;
3. Earthwork and slotted should be quoted separately.

6. Acceptance confirmation

After the completion of the charging station construction, the power company will carry out acceptance, including signs, signboards, fire equipment and so on.

After acceptance, the charging pile is powered on, and then tested by a third-party testing institution, and the corresponding test report is issued.

After completion, it can be put into operation.

Charging pile operation tips

1. Make operational plans;
2. Do statistical analysis of charging data;
3. Adjust the operation plan according to the actual situation.

The above is the main process of the construction of charging stations, but each local policy will be different, it is recommended that investors in the preparation of the project before the construction, must understand the project in detail the policy situation.

Of course, if investors pursue a more perfect, better user experience charging station, you can also consider customized canopy, driver lounge, vending machine, fast food restaurant construction, self-service car wash docking, etc., equipped with charging station supporting facilities. 

Whether to choose supporting facilities or choose which supporting facilities, or according to the actual situation of investors to determine.

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