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About iCubic Group

Top Chinese EV Charger Manufacturer

Why Choose us

about our capability

iCubic offers a wide range of intelligent EV charging solutions that can be deployed in a variety of residential, commercial, public and fleet charging locations.

Our EV Charger works in more than 20 countries, so our customers don’t have to worry about adaptability and can provide a better charging experience for end users.


Safety Products

All our EV chargers tested to meet the safety standard both in China and overseas.


Customized solutions based on your requirements.

After-sale service

Our professional team is available at any time to assistant you.

Learn About Our Products

EV Chargers We Are Manufacturing


EV Charger Station


Portable EV Charger


EV Charger Cables

Our Quality Assurance

CNAS And CMA Level in house Laboratory

All Our EV chargers are tested to ensure safety and durability before shipping to you.

From materials to finished products, we tested each item by our quality assurance team, in our own laboratory which is top-level in China.

I am responsible for assembly line inspection, I would test every semi-finished product to make sure it was functioning properly.
Professional EV charger manufacturer iCubic
Feiyun He

Parking lots

Auto Dealerships

Charging Networks

Cities And Government

Our solutions

Variety Of EV Charging Solutions

As one of the top EV charger manufacturers, our EV chargers are designed to meet the various charging demands of different industries.

Digital factory

our Intelligent Manufacturing Workshop

Our digitalized approach, rigorous quality control, and advanced technologies make us your ideal partner for superior manufacturing solutions.

90 %
90 %
+ 70 %

Intelligent Manufacturing Digitalization


installation & project development

We do EV charging projects for OEMs and ODMs in China, the EU, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

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